Transform Your Space with a Different Rug

Completely transform the look of your home's spaces with area rugs. You can create illusions that remedy any inherent issues, such as lack of space or poor lighting with the right rug. Find the most appropriate rugs that match your style to give your home a fresh face.

Some transformation tips include:

Protect High-Traffic Areas

Create a path through the home in your high-traffic areas; this will preserve the floor while also creating good chi. Go with high-end rugs from wool and natural fibers, which are most-durable and easy to maintain.

When in Doubt, Go Big

When in doubt about what size rug you need go bigger, not smaller. Too small will make your room seem oddly-shaped and bring too much attention to the rug; going bigger will create cohesion, as long as you leave the same amount of space on each side.

Lay Rugs Right

Your furniture belongs on top of your rug.

Make sure that you buy rugs that are big enough to accommodate chairs being pulled out or getting around end-tables. This creates an appealing aesthetic in your space.

Keep It Clean

Keep your space keep it clean and looking fresh; depending on the type of rug and placement, this equates to weekly vacuuming and monthly cleanings. It is possible to clean rugs too often, as it can wear-down fibers and damage them over time.

Try Something New

Create a new color-scheme without changing your existing furnishings or accents; buy an area rug that is a bit bolder than you normally might try. This pop of color can be transformative and really highlight colors and objects that you hadn't even noticed before. Use smaller runners or scatter-rugs to bring pops of color to your smaller spaces.

Use these tips to transform and recreate a room in your home. Use area rugs to make spaces seem larger and more-airy; choose high-quality rugs from natural fibers for durability and longevity.