There are some distinct approaches that consumers can take when planning and designing their bedrooms. These are very personal spaces that should reflect the user's personality, tastes, and lifestyle. It should also be a place that is relaxing and comforting, providing the optimal environment for rest and relaxation.

When looking at options to enhance or style the bedroom, consider taking a closer look at some of the things that may already be around the home. Try to up-cycle these goods to save money on the refurbishment budget, and to change things up a bit throughout the home. Also, try to designate one focal point for the space, whether it be a handcrafted headboard that was made for the bed or a fireplace in the corner of the room. Work details and accents around these focal points, but remember that less is more. Visual clutter can be tiring, and distracting to look at when trying to unwind.

Some distinct styles for bedroom configurations include these classic approaches:


Contemporary style is the same as modern style, and these spaces usually have bold, contrasting colors, and glossy, enamel surfaces. Simple styles and minimal accents are benchmarks of contemporary design.


Traditional style is a popular choice for bedroom suites, with rich wood tones and oversized furnishings. Antique light fixtures, wood flooring, and heavy draperies are all items that might be found in a traditional bedroom.


A fun twist on a bedroom space might be to give it an industrial style makeover. Metallic surfaces, exposed brick, and smooth, concrete flooring could be found in an industrial styled room. Cool, scrolled metal might serve as a headboard in these bedrooms.


Mix and match all of the most favorite elements, furnishings, and possessions for a country style bedroom. Lots of color and varied textures are features of a country bedroom. The overall goal in these spaces is to create a warm and inviting space that will provide a restful sleep.

Try to choose a style and furnishings that reflect the person using the space. Create a calm, soothing environment with careful choices in paint colors, linens, and even window treatments. Talk with retailers about the best options for specific style choices, at the best price.